World Water Day 2012: The Global Water Rights Movement is Joining Forces with the Palestine Solidarity Movement


New developments led by the Palestinian water justice collective LifeSource, signal global solidarity with the Palestinian people and support for boycott, divestment and sanctions as a way to hold Israel and corporations accountable to human rights violations.

I. Organizations and activists working for water justice globally have signed the Marseille Declaration for Palestinian Water Rights pledging to:

  1. Oppose the corporate expansion of the Israeli national water company, Mekorot, into international markets, Mekorot being one of the key instruments in denying Palestinians their water rights
  2. Boycott Israeli agricultural produce, campaigning to exclude Israeli agricultural companies (e.g. Mehadrin) from access to foreign markets and expose their role in the takeover of Palestinian land and water resources
  3. Support the Stop the JNF campaign and educate others about JNF’s “greenwashing” of Israeli crimes
  4. Boycott and divest from Veolia, the largest privatizer of public water supply in the world, and a main profiteer of Israeli apartheid
  5. Call for government sanctions on Israel, in particular, the end of all water-related cooperation agreements

**Endorsements include:

-Marcela Olivera and Oscar Olivera from Cochabamba, Bolivia from the Coalition for the Defense of Water and Life, who led the movement that famously succeeded to resist the privatization of state water in Bolivia in a battle that shut down the city for days.

-Jackie Dugard and the Socio-economic Rights Institute of South Africa who led the legal battle against prepaid water meters in South Africa and won

-Focus on the Global South and other organizations and individuals who attended the 2012 Alternative World Water Forum last week in Marseille


II. The Marseille Declaration follows the launch of a new report on the Human Right to Water in Palestine published by Blue Planet Project in partnership with LifeSource.

“It is the recommendation of this report that global citizens continue boycott, divestment and sanctions and other forms of resistance that are proving successful in building a global movement, with the aim of generating a global consensus around defying Israel’s illegal restrictions on Palestinian water and sanitation development.”

Blue Planet Project is a leader in the global water justice movement. The founder of this project, Maude Barlow, served as Senior Advisor on Water to the President of the 63rd session of the United Nations General Assembly.  This report marks an important landmark in the movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel.


III. This Friday six Palestinian villages throughout the West Bank will be connecting their local popular struggle against the Wall with their struggle as Palestinians for their basic human right to water.

The Wall isolates 19 wells in Qalqilya and 27 springs in Bethlehem.

Every week the people of Nabi Saleh in Northern Ramallah district march symbolically to their freshwater spring which was stolen by the illegal Israeli colony Halamish


LifeSource plans to use new developments globally to bring much needed support to communities engaged in popular struggle for the right to water on the ground and in the collective’s work educating global citizens about Palestinian water justice and actions we each can take in our communities to protect the human rights of our brothers and sisters globally.  Visit LifeSource online at