One thought on “Gaza is Floating 3

  1. The writer is not even cerroct in his allegations. Israel is not in Gaza, and does not occupy it. The small number of settlements were removed.Next, the land known as West Bank was occupied by Jordan in 1948, and Gaza was taken by Egypt. However, The PLO were then trying to destroy the 1948 border israel, as was Egypt and Syria.Jerusalem including east was majority Jewish population for 150 years. The Jews were ethnically cleansed by the Jordanian army, and synagogues and houses were destroyed, when they occupied the west bank. There were no calls by the left or human rights organisations then to protect the Jews.And the comparison to S. Africa is not cerroct either. Except, perhaps, that arab entiltement to the land of Israel is only through illegal conquest of variosu sultans, including the Ottoman empire, whereas Jewish/Israelite entitlement is through religous and historical rights, as well as recorded acquisition of the land by Abraham 4000 years ago, eg Hebron.If you wish to boycott Israeli good, that is your right, just as Israelis can boycott costello or danish bacon. It doesn’t help the palestinians one iota, and the real issues are to re house the refugees, which needs cooperation between Arabs and Israelis,a nd the world community.

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