Prepaid Water Meters

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Prepaid water meters have been implemented in 12 villages in the north of the West Bank, and soon will be in many more communities if swift action is not taken.  Salaam Fayyad’s government has been promoting prepaid water meters as a way to recover costs for water supplied by the Israeli national water company Mekorot.  In 2009, the West Bank Water Department and the Palestinian Ministry of Finance reached an agreement where at least some villages would have all of their development projects frozen by the Ministry of Finance – including upgrades to water networks, roads, and schools – unless the local councils began paying their debts to Mekorot.  Local councils quickly began installing prepaid water meters without giving citizens choice and without implementing any protections for households living in extreme poverty.  As a result, the water consumption gap between rich and poor is increasing.  The World Bank is openly pushing for private sector control of public water resources and infrastructure in Palestine, even though this system has been disastrous in so many parts of the world.  In Palestine, LifeSource is beginning to bring together a coalition to resist this trend towards prepaid water meters and water privatization.