Tovlan: Veolia’s Illegal Landfill

The Tovlan landfill in the Jordan Valley is operated by Veolia Environment, a French multinational corporation, which is profiting from dumping garbage from Israel into occupied Palestinian territory in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.  LifeSource research helped to break the story that waste being brought to the landfill originated inside of Israel.  Veolia also has the contract with Israel for the controversial Jerusalem Light Rail project, which is connecting illegal Israeli settlements to West Jerusalem.  Veolia buses discriminate against Palestinians in their service to the settlements, denying service to Palestinians.

Veolia is the lead privatizer of water in the world.  Veolia is buying up our global water commons for private profit.  Veolia has more than 389 water and sanitation contracts in the US alone, serving “approximately 14 million people in 600 communities.”[i]  Veolia Water is a permanent operator in 67 countries, supplying 100 million people with drinking water worldwide.[ii]  There are countless stories of Veolia failing to deliver on its water and sanitation contracts, and collecting public money all the same.

LifeSource is active in supporting a boycott against Veolia even though Veolia has no water or sanitation contracts in occupied Palestinian territory at this time, because LifeSource is against the privatization of water and sees that this campaign can bring together water rights activists and Palestinian solidarity activists to support each other in local/global struggle.


Additional links:

Who Profits, “Veolia's Involvement in the Occupied Jordan Valley – An Update,” October 10th, 2011

Watch the unedited LifeSource interview with a Veolia worker.



[i] "600-plus communities served; 190-plus wastewater treatment plants operated and maintained; 90-plus water treatment plants operated and maintained; 74 industrial wastewater treatment facilities; 35 industrial water treatment facilities; 2,900 employees in North America; More than 2.2 billion gallons of water and wastewater treated everyday; Services to approximately 14 million people in 600 communities" from  Check and see if they are active in your community, sorry, US residents only:



Jordan Valley Blues (43 mins)

Meet Palestinian farmers living in the Jordan Valley, who are forced to abandon their land due to lack of water and harassment from the Israeli military.  One tests his entrepreneurship in his home village; the other accepts work in an illegal Israeli colony, sacrificing his rights as a worker and so much more.  Then meet an Israeli settler who asserts he is so happy to be able to give 35 Palestinians jobs, for without him, they'd starve.

Israeli permitting restrictions are drastically limiting Palestinian water and sanitation development throughout the West Bank, and obstructing nearly all Palestinian development in the Jordan Valley – 90% of which is classified "Area C" or "under Israeli control".  Israel is demolishing Palestinian wells, pipelines and even rainwater-harvesting cisterns.

January 2010

Written, Directed & Produced by LifeSource Collective