Filling Point (15 mins)

Two neighboring Palestinian communities in South Hebron, As-Samu’a (20,000 people) and Imneizel (500 people) suffer from bizarre restrictions imposed by Israel on the development of their basic water infrastructure. After years of negotiations, As-Samu’a was permitted to access some limited additional quantities of water, but on the condition that this water not be distributed to residents through their existing internal piped water distribution network. 30 rainwater-harvesting cisterns have been isolated from Imneizel village by the Segregation Wall. Israeli violations of Palestinians’ human right to water are making it increasingly difficult for Palestinians to access the basic necessities for life and to stay on their land.

Directed by Pietro Bellorini. Directed and Produced by LifeSource.

January 2010




Gaza is Floating (9 mins)


A short film from LifeSource about how the Israeli siege is leading to a sanitation disaster in Gaza, causing environmental catastrophe and human tragedy.

Directed by Fady Al-Ghorra.  Produced by LifeSource.

September 2009



Siege on Gaza

Water Resources in Gaza



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