Jordan River

Dead Sea ecological disaster 1967-2007

Israel controls 100% of the waters of the Jordan River, in direct violation of Palestinian rights.  The diversion of the Jordan River is a central feature of Israel’s National Water Carrier.  Mekorot, the Israeli national water company, which supplies 52% of the domestic water in the West Bank today, was the contractor for the National Water Carrier, which was completed in 1957.

Israel diverts the lower Jordan River to Israel’s coastal plain and then to the Negev desert in the south, with major repercussions today for the health of the ecosystem,[i] peace in the region, and access to water for many Palestinians and Jordanians,[ii] who have depended upon this resource for centuries.  In the 1967 Six Days War and shortly afterwards, Israel destroyed or confiscated all 140 pumping stations on the east and west banks of the Jordan River.

In the Jordan Valley, Israel demolishes Palestinian homes, schools, clinics and water infrastructure, while encouraging the growth of illegal Israeli colonies, including large agricultural plantations exporting water intensive crops to Israel.

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[i] Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon are diverting tributaries to the Jordan River within their territories, which is also contributing to the reduction in flow of the Jordan River.

[ii] While Israel is occupying Syrian territory to control the Jordan River system including the Sea of Galillee and its tributaries in the Golan Heights, Israel’s diversion of the Jordan River doesn’t have a major impact on access to water in Syria.

"Dead Sea ecological disaster 1967-2007" from Hoshana, creative commons



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