Jewish National Fund

JNF reservoir Nahal Oz near Jericho


The Jewish National Fund (JNF) was created in 1901 for the purpose of colonizing Palestine for the State of Israel.  The JNF has played a lead role in developing water resources, yet systematically denies Palestinians benefit from its projects, including even from a reservoir located in occupied West Bank.

The JNF has constructed the Nahal Oz reservoir near Jericho in the occupied Jordan Valley for the exclusive benefit of illegal Israeli settlers.  Nearby Palestinian communities struggle to access water for drinking and are unable to irrigate their land.

Israel has demolished the Bedouin village of Al Araquib in the Negev desert 36 times in order to allow the JNF to plant a forest and “green the desert”.  Israel has prevented Bedouin communities that it does not “recognize” from benefitting from local water supply networks.  Israel has repeatedly destroyed and confiscated water tanks that these communities depend upon for storing water in order to survive.


Stop the JNF is an international campaign aimed at ending the role of the Jewish National Fund (Keren Kayemet LeIsrael) (JNF-KKL) in:

  • the on-going displacement of indigenous Palestinians from their land
  • the theft of their property
  • the funding of historic and present day colonies, and
  • the destruction of the natural environment.

Help stop the human rights and environmental violations of the JNF:

  • revoke the charity status of the JNF in your state or country
  • break all ties with the JNF
  • educate others on the JNF
  • sign the Stop the JNF call-to-action
  • organize the Stop the JNF campaign in your city or region