We, the Women of Jayyous – 34 mins

Take a tractor ride through the Jayyous countryside behind the Wall, where more than 70% of the village’s land and all six of its ground water wells have been confiscated.

See the illegal Israeli dump with industrial waste from the settlements located just above Azzoun’s Well, from where the Jayyous residents now get their water.

Learn about the sewage crisis affecting 90% of Palestinians in the West Bank.

And meet the women of Jayyous, who together with LifeSource, are beginning to do something about all of this.

LifeSource, 2008, 34 mins


Director’s note:

In the summer of 2008, LifeSource met with the Jayyous Women’s Association, a group who is active with the local Land Defense Committee protesting the Wall that is stealing 72% of their land and all 6 of their groundwater wells.

The women are deeply concerned about the quality of water from the Azzun well, where they now take their water.  In addition to the natural calcium deposits from the well’s geological location, they fear that Israel’s illegal landfill – with waste from industrial settlements – is contaminating their drinking water.  They know that if they drink the water without boiling it they will be sick.

Together the Jayyous Women’s Association, a nearby municipality’s water quality manager, and LifeSource set out to determine the source of their drinking water’s contamination – and stumble upon a highly disturbing situation.

This is the extended edit of the film which is a little slow at the beginning, but is already, one month after its creation, an historic artifact, as Israeli construction of the new settlement “Northern Tzufim” and the new route of the Wall have already begun!